Soft Yogurt Cheese with Lemon and Honey

This cheese can be the consistency of sour cream or of cream cheese, depending on how long you let it drain. You can experiment with just about any flavoring, sweet or savory. Add curry or diced red pepper and herbs for a savory treat. Delicious spread on a warm homemade biscuit!
By / Photography By Matthew Carden | March 01, 2013


Lay the towel (see note below) or cheesecloth in a shallow bowl with the sides of the cloth hanging over the edge. Pour the plain yogurt into the cloth. Gather the corners of the cloth together and tie them in a knot.

Slide the handle of a wooden spoon through the knot in the cloth. Place the bundle over a tall vase or deep bowl so the yogurt can hang freely to drain. For best results, drain at room temperature for 4 hours, then transfer to the refrigerator for 15 to 20 additional minutes before unwrapping to add flavoring and serve. The longer you allow the yogurt to drain, the firmer the cheese will be.

Remove from refrigerator and untie the bundle, scraping the cheese into a bowl.

To flavor, gently mix in flower petals, lemon zest and honey. Chill until you are ready to serve.

Note: If using a previously used towel, rinse it several times in hot water to be sure there is no soap residue left over from laundering.

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  • 32 ounces best-quality plain organic yogurt
  • 1 clean flour sack or linen towel, or about 7 layers of cheesecloth
  • 1/4 cup Edible flower petals
  • 1 tablespoon Meyer lemon zest
  • 2 tablespoons honey
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